Wednesday, September 22, 2010


If you've been to a Smart Chicks Kick It tour event so far, well, you already know why I'm saying WOW. It's just been a delight, a party, a traveling circus and a deeply felt connection, all at the same time (at least from my side of the table, and considering the screams and laughter we get from the audience, I think it's the same on that side).

I just finished my last event of the tour - I did Austin, Los Angeles, and San Diego, and each stop was phenomenal and special and wonderful. So many people and so much enthusiasm! You Smart Chicks (AND Smart Guys!) who came out to see us were just amazing - and I know many, many more wished they could have been there but time, distance or life got in the way.

I could gush like the fangirl that I am about what a total delight it was hanging out with these lovely authors ... especially the ones I just met for the first time on this tour. About how delightful it was to see so much passion and enthusiasm from everybody who came out to root us on. About how the booksellers and librarians were so enthusiastic, too, and so patient at handling such overflow crowds.

Most of all, though, I have to save my greatest love note for the founders of this tour: Kelley, Melissa, and Alyson. They're the Iron Women, attending every date, organizing everybody else, and making sure nothing is left undone. They are super authors, and super people, and it's been my great privilege to be part of this inspiring, wacky road show.

As one lovely lady noted to us along the way, it's great for us to be seen supporting each other and enjoying each others' company, because we're showing our fans that we support, help, and cheer each other on -- and hopefully, aspiring artists and fans out there will do the same for each other, too, enriching us all.

So, thank you, fellow Smart Chicks, for the marvelous experience on my stops in the tour. I hope to continue to enjoy your travels for the rest of the stops, at least virtually!

-- Rachel Caine

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