Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tour Store Signing Policies

It's Kelley.  I was planning a big tour launch, "let's get excited" blog today, then went on the site of one of our tour stops to check something...and discovered a signing policy we hadn't been made aware of.  Checked another, and found another signing policy.  So my fun blog has turned into business, again.

These are taken directly from the store websites.  For stores not listed, I'd like to think that means you're clear, but I'd suggest calling and checking before bringing a bagful of books from home.  And if you are allowed to bring a bagful, please do try to buy some new books from the store.  We need to make this worthwhile for them or they won't want us back!

For general event FAQ, check out my blog here.

BookPeople, Austin
Customers can get the books they brought from home signed as long as they buy one event related book for every book they bring from home. For example, if you bring 2 books from home, you need to buy 2 books (by one or two of the lovely 'Chick' authors visiting that day). 

Blue Willow, Houston

You may bring books from home, but in order to get in the signing line, you must purchase at least one of the author’s books from Blue Willow Bookshop.

Lemuria Books, Jackson

For every book bought from Lemuria that you get signed, you may get TWO books from home signed.

Vroman's, Pasadena
This is actually a "good news" change.  Last week, we'd been advised that the store was taking very limited registration for this and was fully booked.  However, after some discussion, we decided we'd rather hold it outside on the Vroman's Paseo, where attendance is NOT limited.

Anderson's,  Naperville/Chicago
(This one we did know about and have had posted on the site for months) To receive an event ticket to this exciting program, purchase at least one of the authors’ books (OR pay $5).

Okay, so, um, now we can get excited?  Yay, tour!  It's finally here.  Over a year of planning coming to fruition with the first big event in Austin tomorrow!
Tomorrow...?  Oh, crap, I need to go pack...


  1. I'll be seeing you all in CHICAGO! Can't wait :)

  2. I'm looking forward to tomorrow in Austin!

  3. Wait. I have to buy one book, just to get two other books I already have signed at the Jackson signing?

  4. Well I shouldn't have come to the BookPeople signing at all, then. Why? Because I already went out of my way each RELEASE DATE to get each book. I brought 26 books to get signed, and now I find out that, because I was a dedicated fangirl and bought the books when they came out, I can't actually get any signed.

    Think about it. Every author at the BookPeople signing has series that are ALREADY 4 books in. That roughly equates to 4 years already on the shelves.

    I'm honestly hurt that I have to buy extra in order to get anything signed. What kind of underhanded selling trick is this? Especially from NYT bestsellers?

  5. Also! You post this the DAY BEFORE the tour starts? How about a bit more warning?

  6. STOP COMPLAINING!!!!! GOOD GOD!! They've gone to all this effort to do this for us and now all you do is complain! Didn't you read what Kelley Armstrong wrote before about how every store has their own rules so you may want to look into which ever is hosting your signing to see what theirs are? Just because the "Smart Chicks" are allowing certain things doesn't mean the store hosting the event will. Why didn't you do a little research yourself, like calling the hosting store since they gave us all the links to each one, and be prepared instead of expecting to just go in not knowing what to expect. I called mine a month ago to make sure I knew what was allowed and what wasn't.
    I understand that it's VERY disappointing to find out rules and limitations you weren't expecting but they did try to warn us that the rules may vary from event to event. Be a little understanding and realize this was as unexpected for them as much as it was for you or I'm sure they would have given better warning.
    Whatever anyone else says "Smart Chicks" administrators, I think you have done a wonderful job and appreciate all the effort it has taken you to get the job done! It couldn't have been easy! I'll see you in Naperville! 8 days to go!

  7. Besides, the "Smart Chicks" don't have control over the hosting store's policies for signings! They are at the hosting stores discretion. What ever their usual rules are what goes no matter what the "Smart Chicks" may want or try to get. Plus, as Kelley Armstrong previously stated, purchasing books from these store is what motivates the store to continue having signings. What is the point of the store hosting an event if they're not going to make any money.

  8. The Tour has brought hundreds of fans to these stores. No other form of advertising gets that kind of response. It's up to the store to find a way to market to those potential customers, not piss them off.