Friday, June 25, 2010

We Have A Blog!

Welcome to the blog for the Smart Chicks Kick It tour!  Our tour schedule is set and, come September, these chicks are hitting the road.  You'll find our complete schedule here:

The tour is now full.  We have our authors.  We have our cities.  We have our schedule.  And there's no room for more.  Not this year anyway ;)

If you have any suggestions for other aspects of the tour, though, we'd love to hear them.  This is our tour for our readers, and we want you to have a say.  Just make suggestions in the comments and we'll read them all and do what we can.

Oh, right.  You probably want to know who's on this tour.  Well, let's see...  Easiest way to do this is to show you what we write.  Our covers are more recognizable than our names!

Appearing at Every Stop

Appearing at Selected Stops