Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How I Stopped Worrying And Learned to Love the Undead

Hello, my name's Sarah Rees Brennan, and I'm a vampire addict.

It all started when I was very young. It was tragic, really. I was about eleven, and my mother had just finished a book called Interview with the Vampire. 'Best not to read this one, honey,' she said thoughtfully. Which obviously translated as 'Wait until I leave the room, then leap on it like a frog on a lilypad!'

Look, I don't make the rules.

I read the book, and then I read the sequel, The Vampire Lestat. And then I wrote some truly embarrassing stories about two vampires starting a rock and roll band with a child vampire who really liked purple silk dresses.

... I was young, okay? And when I watched the movie, I wanted to marry Tom Cruise.

(Unlike Katie Holmes, I grew out of that one.)

When I was fifteen, I read the Dark Visions books by L.J. Smith, which starred a psychic vampire called Gabriel. What's a psychic vampire, I hear you cry? He drank thoughts instead of blood, or something! But the important thing was that he still had to put his mouth on your neck! And he was snarky, and he was delivered to psychic summer camp in a Dangerous Juvy Van, and he accidentally killed his last girlfriend and... well, it's clear that I can't judge anyone for Twilight fever.

If they'd made a pillowcase with Gabriel's face on it at that point in my life, I don't know what I would have done. I can only be glad I wasn't exposed to that sort of temptation.

And yet I admit I did judge people for Twilight fever, the same way I judged people for Harry Potter fever when I was eighteen and until I picked up Prisoner of Azkaban and tore through the whole series. When something is crazy popular, some people (such as my judgy self!) often dismiss it as if a lot of people liking something means you shouldn't like it.

I mean, sometimes you won't like something a lot of people like. I don't like reality TV. But on reflection 'Other people like it!' doesn't make a lot of sense as a reason not to like something. For instance, a lot of people like chocolate. I have not decided to be an edgy, broccoli-lovin' rebel because of this.
So, judgy little me went 'Oh, vampires, I'm so over vampires.' And then I was on a panel about vampires at a convention, and someone said 'You have read more vampire books than anyone I have EVER MET.' 'Ahahaha I just like reading okay,' I replied, cleverly. And then I realised that all of my TV viewing involved vampires. (The Vampire Diaries and True Blood. Vampires... and the South! But we all knew the South was awesome, given Kami Garcia and Margi Stohl's Beautiful Creatures.)

Before Twilight, there was Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Before that was Interview with the Vampire. This eighties movie called Lost Boys. Back in the mists of time, there was a little book called Dracula you may have heard of. Even before Dracula there was a craze for a vampire series called Varney the Vampire. (1845. See me, looking up stuff for your edification and delight!)

Despite people talking about 'what will be the new vampires' the evidence suggests that vampires are not going anywhere. 1845, man. Vampires are immortal.

(Yeah, I'm sorry about that. I had to do it, but if it helps, I'm ashamed of myself.)

And I have no problems with vampires sticking around. My favourite character in Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments series is a geeky young vampire. Rachel Caine rocks her vampire town in the Morganville Vampires series, and Melissa de la Cruz has a unique take on vampires as well.

I also don't think that the YA genre is going to be completely swamped by vampires anytime soon, when we have heavy hitters like Melissa Marr (Team Faerie), Becca Fitzpatrick (Team Angel), Mary Pearson (Team Robot), Jennifer Lynn Barnes and Jackson Pearce (Team Werewolves), Holly Black (Team Magical Conmen) and Carrie Ryan, the Zombie Queen. Not to mention writers like Kelley Armstrong and the aforementioned Cassandra Clare, who have vampires as a side dish to an array of werewolves, necromancers, warlocks, and I know not what. (Team... Supernatural Buffet?)

(This is all looking pretty tragic for Team Demon, guys. I'm starting to get very worried about my team.)

In summary: vampires are awesome, and clearly here to stay. YA is not all vampires, and the rest of it's pretty awesome as well.

And I have been delighted to make my inaugural post on the Smart Chicks blog! To celebrate the Smart Chicks (and because after my little vampire cheerleader routine, I may be escorted away from the blog by my fellow Smart Chicks and never allowed back on again) I wanted to do a giveaway!

Simply in these comments mention which one of any of the books by the Smart Chicks: Melissa Marr, Kelley Armstrong, Alyson Noel, Cassandra Clare, Holly Black, Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Rachel Caine, Rachel Vincent, Becca Fitzpatrick, Melissa de la Cruz, Kimberly Derting, Mary Pearson, Kami Garcia and Margi Stohl, Jackson Pearce, Jeri Smith-Ready, Jessica Verday, Carrie Ryan and your humble servant (Sarah Rees Brennan) you'd like to receive. (EDITED TO ADD AN IMPORTANT NOTE: Books that are already out, you guys. I have no spare copies of Beautiful Darkness, Clockwork Angel or Crescendo!)

And say which Team Preferred Supernatural Creature you are. Team Supernatural Buffet is a totally valid team. I am of course staunchly Team Demon, but Team Supernatural Buffet would always be my second choice... and I'd always have a dab of vampires on the side of my plate.

Like vampire dip.


  1. I am Tem Supernatural Buffet, because I really don't think I can choose a specific team. I mean it's just like in the Zombies vs Unicorns debate! Can't I be Team Let's All Just Get Along?!
    Okay, anyway, all of these Authors sound pretty awesome, but I'd have to say Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, because that is the only one of these books my local library doesn't have.

  2. Love your post! I'm Team Supernatural Buffet of course I love them all, it's so hard to pick just one. =) I must add Dark Visions to my list it sounds very interesting!

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  4. Team Faerie all the way! Though I am quite partial to Team Supernatural Buffet. XD

    And as for books, I'd love any and all Holly Black you're willing to part with, and of COURSE, your own books! The Philippines is a tragic place to find good supernatural YA novels. :(

  5. I am actually Team Magician because humans doing magic > Any Hot Supernatural Boy/Girlfriend BUT if I must choose.... I'd be Team Zombie. Because the Zombie vs. Unic***n debate has me riled me. (ZOMBIES FOREVER.)
    IF we're allowed to pick books that haven't been released yet, THE THIRD BOOK OF DEMON'S LEXICON PLEASE, OMG OMG OMG WANT IT SOOOOOOOO MUCH AHHHHH *grabby hands forever*
    If I am not, then... Melissa de la Cruz's Keys to the Repository. For that is basically my favourite YA Vampire series EVAR.

  6. Team Supernatural Buffet as well! Terrific post, I love the supernatural debate!

    Book choice would be The Demon's Covenant, because I absolutely love it!

  7. I am totally Supernatural Buffet. If it looks good enough to read, then I will try it out. I am on a witch, wizard, enchanter, sorceress, sorcerer kick right now.

    What a choice of authors! I am dying to read Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce and White Cat by Holly Black!

  8. I'm team so Team Supernatural Buffet! How can anyone pick just one? As for books, I've been dying to read The Dead-Tossed Waves (but again there are so many great authors being offered up it was hard to choose).

  9. Ugh! I forgot to mention which book I wanted, so sorry. I have almost everyone's books and of course your awesome demon books except for Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes or Melissa de la Cruz.

  10. Team Supernatural Buffet for me also. Whenever I think I have picked a side, I read a totally awesome book that changes my mind.

    Hmmm, for a prize I would love to receive White Cat by Holly Black. Have been itching for that one :)

  11. haha I love you for this post! I am currently reading City of Ashes. So I am TEAM SUPERNATURAL BUFFET!!! I love Simon too! However I am also a fan of Melissa's Marr stuff so I am also TEAM FAERIE! I would love to receive any of Melissa Marr's books :)

  12. This is too hard... I'm Team Demon/Team Fairy.. maybe Supernatural buffet!

    I don't know I LOVE all those books!

    I would love the clockwork angel though!

  13. This is a very challenging decision. I would have to be Team Supernatural Buffet with Demons as my main course, a side of Shadowhunter (I know direct contradiction to the main course) and a vampire dessert.

    AS far as book choice that is hard because I think I own at least one book from everyone listed. How about Raised by Wolves

    Thanks for the great post Sarah!

  14. So hard to choose, so I think I'd have to go with Team Supernatural Buffet.

    How can I just pick one book? I guess White Cat. Or Raised by Wolves. Or Wicked Lovely. Or The Demon's Lexicon. Haven't read any of those yet but am dying to. :)

  15. It is a tough call, but I think I would have to choose Team Supernatural Buffet. I love them all... demons, angels, faerie, vamps, etc!

    Which book would I like to receive? Is 'all of the above' an option?! :) Actually I would love a copy of The Demon's Lexicon. I read a copy from the library and LOVED it. I think it would make a great addition to my bookshelf of amazing books.


  16. Team... Hot Snarky Person with Sword? That includes Nick, Cassel, Val (from Valiant by Holly Black) and possibly others.

    No, but seriously I tend to pick people that have no magic but are still awesome, because it's so much harder to be awesome without magical powers in the world of mostly urban fantasy.

    I'd like a Cassandra Clare book if I win (which I won't), because I'm a CC-virgin!

  17. Or, should I say, people I think have no magic until I'm halfway through the book.

  18. I am definitely Team Supernatural Buffet. Why pick one when you can have them all? I have all of the Team Supernatural Buffet books, so for this contest I stand proudly with Team Demon. I need my own copy of The Demon's Covenant!

    Great post & thanks for the giveaway! (:

  19. Team Vampire

    Mainly to to The Vampire Chronicles, The Vampire Diaries, and naturally to the mentioned TV shows of Buffy and True Blood.

    Although Team Faerie is a very close second.

    To expand my horizons, if a winner of the giveaway, I'll ask for a book by Jennifer Lynn Barnes and Jackson Pearce, to most likely add Team Werewolf to my Supernatural tastes.

  20. Hummm... I would have to say Team Faerie with a side of Team supernatural Buffet.
    I would love Cassie Clare's Clockwork Angel!

  21. I think I am going to have to go with Team Supernatural Buffet. I've read soo many of the books mentioned & I can't pick one I like better than the others.

    I think I'm going to have to pick The Demon's Covenant.

    I loved the post! Hopefully they'll let you come back & post again.

    well... maybe Supernatural Buffet with a main course of demon (:

    I am desperate to read Dead Tossed Waves (:

  23. I like to think of myself as Team Greek Myths (the 'bad boy Minotaur' article in The Onion a while back totally pushed all of my buttons), so with that in mind I'd pick Jennifer Lynn Barnes' Fate.

  24. When I received some books in the mail yesterday, my 6 yr. old son raised his eyebrows and said, "more vampire books huh?" His cheesy grin made me laugh uncontrollably. That makes me Team Vampire for sure; however, I am always open to unexplored territories in the Supernatural Buffet. I recently finished Marr's Wicked Lovely and have a couple of Armstrong's books on hand to read in the near future. As an 8th grade teacher who loves sharing YA books with her students, I would welcome any books from any of the authors, but I would love a book from you, Sarah, as I have not had the opportunity to read any of your books.

  25. I am Team Supernatural Buffet all the way!
    I love the wolves, vampires, Fey, Angels,etc......

    I would love a book from Becca Fitzpatrick I have yet to read hush, Hush!

  26. so many goodies to chose from but the top of the list has to be Crescendo.

    I'm Team ImmortalHottieBadBoyWhoGrins

    Loved your post - lots of giggles but best dig was Tom Cruise - ahhh brings me back to Days of Thunder :)

  27. I love your post! :D If i had to choose I'd be Team Angels, because before I discovered the fantastic Becca Fitzpatrick's Hush ( and anticipated Crescendo) & Lauren Kate Fallen(and anticipated Torment), I loved werewolves, vampires ( pretty much I was Team Supernatural Buffet) but angel are fantastic!

  28. Wow! Love the post and my first thought is I'm Team Supernatural Buffet but after reading all the other comments I find myself drifting toward the "well that's what everyone else likes so I can very well like that too!" So now I'm stuck because I don't know what I'd choose. So I'll be team whatever I happen to be reading at the moment. I've read most of the authors on the list but don't own any of them so I'd be happy with a surprise me one!

  29. Team Supernatural Buffet I'm afraid as I love them all! As for the books, Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick and Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl are WAY up on the list!

    Awesome post and thank you for the giveaway! Good luck to everyone :)

  30. Hmm... I'd say I'm Team Vampire and Team Angel, mostly because I've never read a demon book... But now I know I should get on that! Wait... I'm going to say Supernatural Buffet! Because I love all my Supernatural creatures :D

    Anyways, I'd really like The Forrest Of Hands and Teeth By Carrie Ryan :)

  31. I'm Team Supernatural Buffet, I love them all. If I could I'd want your third Demon of Lexicon book (or either of the first two). I just love Nick. Have already read or own the other authors books. Like I said, I love them all. Thanks for the great post and contest.

  32. Its all about the Supernatural Buffet
    Cassandra Clare in my opinion is the best writter ive seen since Harry Potter!
    ohhh and i cant forget Becca Fitzpatrick, shes up there too :)

    these two made me fall in love with Angels, forget dumb twilight vampires :)

  33. I am Team Supernatural Buffet. I will read or watch anything as long as it has a Supernatural element. My favorite tv show is Supernatural and it has had everything from Bloody Mary to regular demons to vampires and werewolves, and as of the past few seasons angels. I think that any kind of supernatural element would make me want to watch or read something. I do sway slightly towards Team Vampire though ever since I first watched Buffy in the 7th grade.
    I think I would pick The Demon's Covenant because my local library still doesn't have it yet and I want to read it so badly.

  34. After much though and consideration, I would have to go with Team Supernatural Buffet ...although I was tempted to choose Team Angel.

    I am completely devoted to Cassie Clare [Jace challenges my fictional love for Edward in so many ways!] and her Mortal Instruments books. Her mix of Shadowhunters, vampires, faeries and angels [along with a plot twist that made the books disturbingly addicting] kept me reading way past my bedtime! Jace is the ultimate bad boy...handsome,magical, and off-limits!

    I would love you forever if I received a copy of Clockwork Angel. And just so you know, I loved Tom Cruise in Top Gun, and I've never lost that lovin' feeling for him!

    Alyson, Becca, Sarah...AMAZING writers! Thank you for your books! <3

  35. Team Supernatural Buffet. I was going to say Team Vampire, but then I thought, but what about those weres in the Shifters series? Or Patch the angel? Or Melissa Marr's faeries, and etc. So Supernatural Buffet it is.

    And picking just one of those books is hard, but I guess I'd say Raised by Wolves. Really I would be ecstatic with any, though. :)

  36. If we're talking books, I'm "Team Strong, Silent-Type Hot Guy."

    If we're talking media in general, I'm totes
    TEAM WINCHESTER. I lurve me some Sam & Dean.

    Great tribute to all things scary/cool!

  37. OMG I am completley and throughly Supernatural Buffet. I in no way can ever make up my mind. With every book I read my mind changes, so I'll jsut be greedy and take them all =].

    And I would love any one of the Shifter series by Rachel Vincent. Love love love the series!

  38. First of all, without sounding to kiss-assy, I'd like to say that your blog entry was very funny, and I loved it. :) Secondly, I'd like to say my preferred Team would have to be...

    Team Human. :) Don't get me wrong, I love the supernatural element in the books I read, but when the humans get mixed up in it all, it just makes it a blast to read! You never know what shenanigans they'll cause, from the fact that they might not know who's (or should I say what's) around them, to the absence of knowledge of how to act in certain situations. Everything just comes to a new light when humans become involved. :)

    I don't think this giveaway is applicable to readers in Australia, but I would like to read the first book in the Morganville Vampire series by Rachel Caine, Glass Houses. :)

  39. i'm team supernatural buffet... equal opportunity and all... :)

    i'm a new fan to casssandra clare... i borrowed city of bones from the library to take with me on a road trip... and then bought the next two books and finished them in two days...

    i had to return city of bones today... it was difficult... i needed a moment. *sniffle*

    am secretly elated to find that some of the characters have their own facebook pages... awesomesauce.

  40. I am definitely with you on team Vampire. I have always loved them! And I may be young, but I love all the above mentioned movies and books about them! I eat them up. Yum!

    Um...books I would like to win? Man All of them? ha. But no, I'm gonna go with ones I want to read and/or don't own...

    Holly Black - White Cat
    Kami Garcia and Margi Stohl - Beautiful Creatures.

    Thanks, loved the post!

  41. I'm team supernatural buffet for sure! I've either read or want to read almost every book you've mentioned :)However I've got most of them through the library or borrowed them from a friend so I'd be happy with any book :)

  42. I am team supernatural buffet for sure. I have read many of the books that you have listed. I think that they are all great! If I won I would have to say one of your books - i have not had a chance to read them yet or Raised by Wolves.

  43. Well, like the marvelous and hilarious Sarah Rees Brennan, I was a vampire addict from a young age. However, now, I'd say I'm Team Supernatural Buffet. (The two winners in this buffet, though, that I always go back for seconds of are Team Vampire and Team Warlock. Yum, yum!)

    And, I'd like Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr.

  44. I use to be Team Vampire exclusively (I too fell in LOVE with Anne Rice at a young age), but then I started reading Melissa Marr's lovely series and I'd have to say I'm leaning towards Team Supernatural Buffet (with extreme emphasis on Team Faerie.)

    I love the world Melissa Marr creates in her books and I'd have to say that if I had to choose to be any of the creatures listed I'd pick the fey. They're immortal, have certain magical gifts, and most of them are beautiful in some way. It's all the allure of the vampire, with a bit of witch/wizard (Harry Potter anyone?) thrown in the mix and I love that!!!

    As for authors: every single last one :)
    but I guess I'd pick Jessica Verday, Cassandra Clare, or Becca Fitzpatrick (in that order) because I've been dying to check out their books but sadly haven't had the funds to buy any new books recently.

  45. Definitely Team Demon. They're so underrepresented!

    I'd be happy with any of the books, but I'd say Sarah. :) I'd love to have a hardcover copy of The Demon's Covenant.

  46. Hmm wow I don't know I love them all but deep down in my soul I am torn between Team Demon and Team Werewolves so I'm just going to take the easy way out and go with Team Supernatural Buffet :P

    As for the book I would want I'm going with Radiant Shadows by the lovely Melissa Marr since it's next on my TBR list :-)

    Great post!

  47. I am Team Supernatural Buffet. I love them all. As for which book, I would love any Melissa Marr or Cassandra Clare. I have read them all from the library, but would love to ad them to my personal library.

  48. I am Team Vampire or Team Supernatural Buffet, but based on the collection of books gathering on my shelf, it seems weighted towards vampires.

    However, my favorite adult series is The Hollows by Kim Harrison! Team Demon there!

    I would love either of your books: Demon's Lexicon or Demon's Covenant!

    Thanks for the contest!

  49. If it's possible... I would be TEAM SHADOWHUNTER. They live in that world just as much as the other supernatural beings. And the are the protects of our human race. However if I am not allowed to chose that one would say team werewolf cause they usually kick the most butt <------ (I hope I'm allowed to say that).

    Since I have read and have most of these authors books (I'm a huge fan of those tour, by the way.) I would love to read Tattoo by Jennifer Lynn Barnes.

  50. Team Supernatural Buffet, baby! I love 'em ALL. Even obscure ones. Sometimes especially obscure ones. Sometimes the percentage of each supernatural on my tray varies, as I go into, say, a demon kick, but I still keep open to whatever deliciousness appears in the buffet line that looks like it has potential!

    As I've currently got both your books (and signed at that - YAY for Frisco, TX Demon's Cat signing!) I would very much like to try out Kami Garcia and Margi Stohl's Beautiful Creatures! I have heard so many good things about it - and many of them from your blog! Also, with the new season of True Blood currently airing, I'm feeling some Southern mystery!

  51. Team Supernatural Buffet FTW! Seriously, do we HAVE to pick? There are so many creatures! I think that they all kick butt.

    I would love to win Melissa de la Cruz's Keys to the Repository. One of my favorite vampire series!! *hugs Jack and Oliver*

  52. I'm TEAM ANGEL all the way! :) I loved Hush Hush, Fallen and Meridian, all by such great authors! :) I used to love vampires especially the original one starring Bela Lugosi. But now I got over my vampire phase because everybody became crazy over Twilight, I just want to scream and say, "Dude, there were better vampire books before like the ones Anne Rice wrote!" But now I converted. :) My second choice would be TEAM WEREWOLVES/FENRIS I really loved Shiver and Jackson Pearce's new book; Sisters Red. :) WITCHES are great too. Beautiful Creatures was a great book. As you can see I'm a huge bookworm I get a new one every two days or so. :) I'd really like to try out your Demon's Lexicon or Holly Black's, White Cat. :) Thanks! This was a great post! :)

  53. I'd like to get The Demon's Lexicon *so I can keep it this time =P* and I'm team Caster ;)!

  54. I am So So So team vampire with a dash of team Fairy......with maybe a smidgen of team angel. OK I guess i'm the supernatural buffet! haha My choice for PRIZE BOOK..... Melissa de la Cruz's Keys to the Repository.

  55. I'm definitely Team Supernatural Buffet. I geek out SO much over novels chocked full of supernatural creatures/beings! Mostly creatures though. That said, I'd still rather have Becca Fitzpatrick's "Hush, Hush" simply b/c Team Angel competes with Team Vampire for second place.

    And I own WAY too many vampire novels! Hehe. :-)

  56. After a long internanl debate, I decided I'm Team Supernatural Buffet! Picking a favorite supernatural creature was as hard as picking your favorite toe! It's an impossible task! As for picking a book - that's impossible too! But I finally did pick one and its Raised By Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes.

    Loved the blog, by the way.

  57. Oh dear. What a delima! I don't know if I can chose. I think I'll have to go with Supernatural Buffet as I like if not love all of the above. But Cassie Clare is one of my absolute FAVORITES!I've read the Mortal Instruments series roughly 6 times... my poor books are so worn I had to buy a second set. (sad I know)

    As for choosing a book, geez, I think thats just as hard although I have read almost all of them. I haven't been able to get my hands on Alyson Noels Dark Flame yet though,(My book buying fund is tapped out at the moment)so I think I'll go with that one, although I'd glad take any and all since I reread so all my books so many times that they tend to start losing pages. Hot glue gun anyone?!

  58. Haha probably Team Supernatural Buffet, because really, I can't choose !


  59. Have always been on Team Vampire, all the way back to Dark Shadows. But Neil Gaiman started me on the road to Team Fallen Angel and Becca Fitz is drawing me more to that side.

    Already have "Hush, Hush" but would love an autographed copy if possible ;)

  60. I'd have to go with Team Supernatural Buffet. I don't really like one particular being over the other, as much as I like how the author interprets it and writes the story. I don't really care which creature is in the book, as long as its well written :)

  61. LOVE the post and the new blog. I would love to read Holly Black's new book :)

  62. I'm definitely Team Fallen Angels! Cant get much hotter than that.

    The book I'd love is Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

  63. Team Supernatural Buffet - i like anything paranormal related i cant choose a favorite!

    Cassandra C

  64. I'm Team Vampire! Yup, I'm addicted to the bloodsuckers.

    I would like the newest Melissa de la Cruz Blue Bloods book... she created my favorite...Jack Force. How awesome of a vamp name is that?! But they're not just vamps, they're kinda fallen angels so I guess I'm gonna be on both Team Vampire AND Team Fallen Angels (Fallen by Lauren Kate, anyone?). Yeah, I'm a bookworm. And I LOVE Melissa de la Cruz so, yeah. Thanks!

  65. Team Satyr and Centaur (but only because that's what I'm writing about). Really I'm Team Supernatural Buffet.

    And in the unlikely event that I win a book, I'd like Holly Black's latest, thanks.

  66. Oh wow, this is such an awesome opportunity and I hardly know which book to choose. I have read a whole bunch by Melissa Marr, Cassandra Clare, and Holly Black (and I will certainly have to check out the others on the list).

    I am very much a part of Team Vampire (a la Anne Rice and Joss Whedon), but at the moment I am really into Team Faerie. As such, I would love to own Holly Black's Tithe. I know it isn't her newest (White Cat was awesome as well), but I love Kaye and Roiben.


  67. Team Vampire! And I would love Sisters Red. =)

  68. I'm mostly Team Faerie, although I'm definitely Team Supernatural Buffet too. I'm also Team Humans with Powers ;). I'd loved a copy of Beautiful Creatures.

  69. loved the blog. i am so team vampire! and I would love Melissa de la Cruz's Keys to the Repository!

  70. Team Supernatural Buffet! and the White Cat by Holly Black!

  71. Team Vampire all the way! Love, love Rachel Caine and her Morganville Vampire series!!!! Although, Melissa de la Cruz's Blue Bloods rocks my vamp world! I would love to read Keys to the Repository. All else fails, Go Team Supernatural Buffet and watch me come back for seconds!

  72. I would have to say I am Team Supernatural Buffet. I have read many of the books by each author, so it's too hard to decide which group is the best!

    Although to be honest I didn't know there was a Team Demon so I would request Sarah Rees Brennan - The Demon's Lexicon if I won.

    Thanks for running such an awesome contest!

  73. I would have to say I am most firmly on the side of Team Vampire. They are pretty much fantastic. I have read many books and have been a longtime Kelly Armstrong and Cassandra Claire fan am a recent Rachel Caine fan. So maybe I should say Team Supernatural Buffet but I think that has to come in second to team vampires.

    The book I would want is Evermore by Alyson Noel

  74. I am going to have to say I am Team Vampire. Cannot get enough of the Blue Bloods in the Melissa de la Cruz series! So I would love to have her new book, Keys to the Repository. :)

  75. i'm team supernatural buffet, i love them all!! i love all these authors and can't wait to see them. if i won i would like city of bones by cassandra clares
    thanks for having this awesome contest!


  76. OMG its so hard to pick!! I'd have to say I'm Team Supernatural Buffet!
    I love all my supernatural characters!

    I would absolutely love a book by Cassandra Clare! I have yet to read any of her books and i keep hearing what an amazing author she is!

  77. Well, as a sci-fi geek of the first order...I might have my paperwork for that handy...I am completely unable to choose just one. So, I'm gonna' have to be Team Supernatural Buffet! *breaking out my cheer outfit* Go, TSB!!!

    I would love Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce. *fangirl squee here*

    Thank you so much for this chance to win an awesome book! Any one of them would be a "top shelf" prize! :D

  78. Currently, Team Fallen Angels!
    But I'm a Supernatural Buffet at heart, I just can't choose one for the rest of my life LOL

    And I'd love to win Sisters Red, by Jackson Pearce, the cover is just gorgeous, wanna stare it all day long!

  79. Go Team Lycantheope! Werewolves are awesome but I love all forms of lycanthropy.

  80. Okay, I am Team Supernatural Buffet. Until there is a major YA Paranormal with a MC who is gay (Holly Black and Cassandra Clare are close, but not close enough) I am not going to swear my allegiance to any one.

    Though a Team Wizard/Magic Thingy would be awesome. Just saying.

    I would LOVE to receive Beautiful Creatures by Ms. Stohl and Ms. Garcia, because it looks to be the shit.

  81. Team Bean Sidhe!
    Come on, Rachel Vincent's SS novels are awesome!
    Team Super natural buffet would be a close second :)

    I would loveeee My Soul to Keep by Rachel Vincent :)))

  82. I'm definitely Team Supernatural Buffet. The more the merrier. :) And my choice would be Melissa de la Cruz's Keys to the Repository.

    Sara M

  83. Team Supernatural Buffet!!! Kelley Armstrong's Otherworld Series is the BEST!

    Frostbitten - Kelley Armstrong

    Julie L


    I LOVE Kelley Armstrong's Otherworld series!!!

    But seeing as how I have all of her books....Cassandra Clare - anything in the Mortal Instruments series cause I've heard really good things about it.

    Diana T

  85. Team Supernatural Buffet! I love the whole spectrum! As for book, Frostbitten by Kelley Armstrong.

  86. I'm totally Team Supernatural Buffet! Why have one when you can have them all! (wow that sounded like a line straight out of Pokemon lol)Team Werewolves and Team Faerie would be my next choices.

    I would love to get The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong.

    Thanks for the giveaway

    Kate A

  87. Hi Sarah,
    I'm usually Team Supernatural Buffet and I do have to say Team Demon never gets it's due but don't worry I love you too Nick! You try so hard it really breaks my heart. But right now I'm all about Team Magical Conmen. I love Cassel! I just finished White Cat and it was so good. And Sarah I know you know..what is up with the chair? I was at the signing in Houston and you almost let the cat out of the bag. So to speak ;)

    Ok this was a hard choice but I would love to have Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. Thanks Sarah! I'll be crossing my fingers.

    Trini @ A Book Lovers Review

  88. Team Supernatural Buffet for me :) Yays ! the next will be Team shapeshifters !

    oh, gosh, I'm so desperate to read The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting..

    uniquas at ymail dot com

  89. Team Supernatural Buffet sounds best but if I had to be specific I would be Team Shifters.

    I would love to have Shift by Rachel Vincent. I enjoyed the first four and just haven't gotten the fifth yet. I was going to save it to read Shift and Alpha back-to-back :P

    crazy_canadian_chick37 at hotmail dot com

  90. Definitely TEAM DEMON! :) haha! thanks for this awesome giveaway. I would love to be able to get my hands on SHADE... that book looks suppeerrr good!


  91. Team Supernatural Buffet is definitely mine...Though I do have a soft spot for team werewolves. Both of which are probably Kelley Armstrong's fault. I would really like a copy of Kelley's Bitten, because a friend borrowed mine and I never saw it again. :(

  92. Have to go with the buffet.. so many authors writing increadible supernaturals, there is no way I could pick just one species.
    Great retelling of your SN introduction.. mine was trying to figure out the TV show Dark Shadows [original] as a kid.. lol
    Book of choice.. Kelley Armstrong's Angelic [lol..sorry know that's an impossible]
    Ok.. Tales of the Otherworld by Kelley Armstrong
    Thank you very much for the chance to win.


    I love Kelley Armstrong's Darkest Powers and Other World Series she has a great mix of EVERYTHING in her books. I'm also Team Werewolf thanks to Derek :D and well, who DOESN'T like werewolves?
    Since I have ALL of Kelley Armstrong's books, and we can't choose upcoming books, the book I'd have to choose is Cassandra Clare's City of Bones. Been curious about this one.

    I love all things supernatural and could never pick just one. I also am super in love with Kelley Armstrong's books which probably influences my opinion unjustly.
    Loved your post and your take on the vampire craze. I have totally found myself judging Twi-hards too.
    If I were to receive a book... well I have most, but probably Kelley Armstrong's 'Men of the Otherworld'. I haven't had the chance to pick that one up yet and I am dying to get my hands on it!

  95. I know I'm probably too late, but I might as well post this anyway! Team Werewolves!!!

    Superantural buffet WOULD be my first choice, but I always seem to love books where werewolves are main characters, or love interests, and werewolves always seem to be my favourite characters in books! (Derek in the 'Kate Daniels' series, Clay in 'Women of the Otherworld', Derek in 'Darkest Powers', etc.)

    As for books... Kelley Armstrong's "The Reckoning". It's already out and I'm going crazy, because I haven't read it yet!

    Thank you for the competition! :):)

    -Kat.XxX. (

  96. Def TEAM SUPERNATURAL. Love them all. Would love to receive your recommendation. ;)
    Haven't tried Kelley Armstrong or Holly Black yet and would love to.


  97. I'd have to go with Team Werewolf. I have a soft spot for the shapeshifters, but like you, I'd take a side of Vampire. :)

    As for books, I'd have to go with a shiny new copy of my favorite Kelley Armstrong book, Bitten. Much love from the OWG, Kelley!

  98. I'm gonna have to add one to your list of teams - as a girl raised on a steady diet of Anne McCaffrey, Team Dragon has (and will always have) my heart. They breath fire! And sometimes have psychic soulbonds with their riders (yay Pern)! Or are pretty much human in intelligence (Team Temeraire)! Or are marvelously well-thought-out trained beasts (have you met Mercedes Lackey's less-well-known Dragons In Ancient Egypt series?)!

    Some twelve-year-old girls asked for ponies for christmas. I just wanted a dragon.

    But my second favourite will always be Team Various Fae & Sidhe Creatures (I adore the kelpie in Tithe so, so much), so my book of choice would be Holly Black's Ironside ^_^

  99. I'm Team Demon. While I'm fond of all sorts of supernatural creatures, and the regular humans who interact with them, I'm too madly in love with Nick to vote any other way :-)
    Since I already have SRB's books I'd like either White Cat by Holly Black or Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes.

  100. I am TOTALLY - ALL THE WAY - head over heals in love - with Team Supernatural Buffet. I had given up on fantasy in general finding most of my choices either lackluster or so completely unrealistic that I couldn’t relate and stopped enjoying reading all together. Then I found the wonderful Mrs. Kelley Armstrong - and my love for reading was reignited. I am forever in her debt.

    I've read all her published works now - and so would LOVE to try whatever you would recommend as the best starter book for Mary Pearson (Team Robot). I was recently introduced to Steampunk in the form of *The Alchemy of Stone* by Ekaterina Sedia. It was WONDERFUL and I highly recommend it for anyone on Team Robot!

  101. Team Witch/Wizard/Sorceress/Magician, whatever you want to call it...Team Magic Weilder all the way! I loves me some characters who can conjure up a bit of magic, but aren't so totally other and non-human as most other supernaturals (Especially when they're girls, and especially when they're girls who kick butt). Probably followed by team Dragon, if that's allowed to be a team.

    Since I was flipping through it in Waterstone's the other day, sighing over my lack of money, the eternal fate of student-dom, I'd love "City of Bones" by Cassandra Clare. I have a pre-existing attachment to that series since it sat no prominently on our "Vampire Novels" table when I used to work in a YA bookstore that it was one of the few books I could always find when people asked. I just never read it myself because it was a French bookstore and it is far too much effort for me to read in my second language...especially when I'm technically supposed to be working ;)

  102. Team Demon (also cheer for Team Supernatural Buffet)

    I have been haunting used book stores (curse you, fiscal austerity measures, curse you!) but of course nobody likes to part with the books I enjoy, so I have accumulated quite a wish list:

    "City of Ashes" and "City of Glass" by Cassandra Clare; "White Cat" by Holly Black; "Raised by Wolves" by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, and of course "Demon's Lexicon" and "Demon's Covenant" by Sarah Rees Brennan!

  103. I'm Team Supernatural Buffet...I love them all.
    I'd like to win a Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

  104. I'm somewhere between Team Magical Conmen and Team Demon..Team Demon Conmen perhaps?

    I would love to win a copy of Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, a copy of Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, or a copy of White Cat by Holly Black.

  105. Well I've always been a Team Vampire girl ever since I was 13, but as I've told my friends since high school, I read other books that don't involve vampires. So Team Supernatural Buffet fits me too! More so now because I love all them, werewolves, demons, sorcerers and everyone else!

  106. Oh gosh, I just finished WHITE CAT so of course, right now I am totally Team Magical Conmen. The entire concept is complete WIN. So good. But I could be persuaded to travel over to team demon verra easily.

    Also, if I could have any one of these books? It'd be THE DEMON'S COVENANT or RAISED BY WOLVES. Both fantastic. Thanks!

  107. I think I'm actually pretty super excited to see what kind of unique vampire stories people can come up with now that they are so popular. I mean sure, there's the whole "vampire falls in love with mortal" or vice versa thing, but there are all sorts of other things that could be done with them that are very amazing! Perhaps this just shows romance is not my most favourite of genres :P

    I've been interested in reading Tithe actually, since I seem to be getting really into this urban fantasy thing. Personally, I think I've gotta stick with Team Demon. I blame Nick. Not that it was very hard to sway me into that team to begin with...
    Or perhaps I am on "Team Vampire Rockband"

  108. Team Supernatural Buffet. I love never knowing what's going to happen or what 'creature' will be next to appear. In terms of books, I'll have to say Radiant Shadows because I absolutely love Melissa Marr's books and due to a lack of personal funds (translate: totally skint broke) and a library lacking in faerie lit, I have yet to read it. And I need my Irial fix!

  109. I'm definitely Team Faerie. I am also having a problem choosing one (I want all the ones I've read, and I'm not against reading new books) so I'll go for the easiest choice of Demon's Covenant.

  110. I'd have to go with Team Supernatural Buffet. Why choose when you can have a little bit of everything? Demons, and werewolves, and vampires, oh my!

    And for a book...well, I'll have to pick White Cat by Holly Black, because I've been dying to get my hands on that!

  111. Faeries! No, wait, werewolves! And also vampires! Alas, I cannot choose just one, I love them all. Team Supernatural Buffet for me! :D

    As for books, I've been trying to get my hands on Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes since you blogged about it but have been sadly disappointed in my quest. So any help would be greatly appreciated! :)

  112. I would have to say I'm Team Supernatural Buffet as it's just impossible for me to choose. I'm mainly over vampires but, due to my Buffy addiction, Spike and Angel are still loved (though Spike much more so). I am also a fan of wizards(*cough* Draco! *cough*) and magicians. Of course angels and demons are always welcome (much love to Nick). I'm pretty much open to anything a book chooses to throw at me as long as it's done well.

    The book I would love to have is the Demon's Covenant especially if it's the UK cover. I've been dying to get my hands on it but due to my excessive book buying, I don't allow myself to buy hardback books (I cave sometimes but I've been doing pretty well lately).

  113. I am most certainly Team Supernatural Buffet, with team Fairy and Team Demon tying for second.

    Since I've always been a fantasy nut (my very first chapter book was Mummies in the Morning and I've never gone back) I've read all manner of crazy magical, supernatural beings and I really can't choose.

    The main reason I say I'm not a vampire person is that I tire of the "sexy sexy vampire hunk" so easily. I've seen a few vampire characters I like. Simon for one, but he isn't a "sexy sexy hunk" and I usually love supernatural characters like Ravus from Valiant more.

    I'd really love a copy of Valiant by Holly Black. Or Ironside. It's all good! ^_^

  114. I am definitely Team Supernatural Buffet...absolutely love all things supernatural. I really need to get Melissa Marr's Radiant Shadows, it's the only one I don't have yet!

  115. Or Carrie Ryan The Dead Tossed Waves, just started the Forest of Hands and Teeth and absolutely LOVE it

  116. This comment has been removed by the author.

  117. At the risk of following the crowd, I'd have to say Team Supernatural Buffet. Come on, it's too difficult to pick just one. I prefer to pick and choose as my mood takes me Sure you end up with sticky fingers but you always have a smile on your face

    I would pick Cassandra Clares "City of Bones" because The Mortal Instruments has always been my "the series I'm going to buy after this one" series and it still is. I've heard nothing but good things about it. Someone needs to take it and physically put it in my hand while I stare at all the other shiney books.....Please!

  118. I am Team Werewolf for sure, although I am pretty happy to read anything. I would love to be sent White Cat by Holly Black!

  119. I am definitely Team Supernatural Buffet (unless it's zombies vs unicorns, then Team Unicorn!). I would love a copy of White Cat by Holly Black.

  120. Team Werewolf! Werewolves get little-to-no love! Martin Millar's _Lonely Werewolf Girl_ is an excellent take on this.

    I would like... one of the werewolf books! Of your choosing! And for you to read, if you have not yet read it, _Lonely Werewolf Girl_.

  121. I'm team shapeshifter. Especially if they are some kind of cat.

    I would love to have a copy of Shade by Jeri Smith-Ready.

  122. I'm Team Werewolf. I even have a Team Wolfack shirt. :P

  123. I'm definitely team supernatural buffet. It's like a lazy susan I eventually will get back to another team sitting on a nice platter. Vampires are a close second and werewolves a close third.

    I'd really like The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting.

  124. I must have been born with team buffet in my blood, but team demon bro's have slashed, chopped, and smited their way into my black little heart. A quote from one of my favorite books comes to mind:
    "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for I'm the baddest motherfucker in the valley." To me this defines the way I see Nick.

    (Quote from Summer Garden by Paullina Simons)

  125. I feel your Team Vampire pain, because I am (***draws the curtains and lowers the voice***) Team Unicorn.

    Yes! I can see you pulling on your judgy-pants and snapping the suspenders of sneer. I have one word for you: Chryse. (If you *haven't* read Pamela Dean's Secret Country, you're missing a great read) And then there's Jame's Rathorns from the Hodgell's God Stalk series and of course the last one, by Beagle. Oddly, enough, Rampant left me cold: I suspect it's because the author was more interested in Deconstructing-the-Unicorn than the thing itself: always fatal.

    (Yes, I'm one of Those Girls who liked romances better if the hero had a terrific horse. See also: The Blue Sword, and Laura Ingalls Wilder falling for 'Manzo's matched team.)

    Anyhoo, if you pick me, I'd love to try Shade by Jennifer Lynn Barnes (the youtube trailer is pretty snazzy and it looks wonderfully booktalk-able or Forest of Hands and Teeth.

  126. I have always been for team con artist, but after reading Holly Black's White Cat, I have expanded my horizons to team MAGICAL con artist (not conmen; I am an equal opportunity con lover).

    In the event of my winning, I would love to own a copy of White Cat. However, as I've already read it, I would prefer if you would donate a copy to an organization or person as you see fit. I generally prefer inner-city or rural libraries (as I'm a librarian), but I know sometimes they have very odd donation policies.


  127. Kelley Armstrong!!! I'm definitely Team Werewolf, but when it comes to her world, I'm pretty much Team Supernatural Buffet! I would really really like to have Kelley's new book Waking the Witch!!!!

  128. Definitely Team Demon - there's something about dark and sultry that gets me every time.

    For books, I'd love to get my hands on White Cat by Holly Black (I already have all of yours!)

  129. Okay okay, I'll have to revise my book request to something already out...hmm, If i could, i'd like a hardcover copy of Bitten by Kelley Armstrong BUT Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lyn Barnes will suffice!

  130. I am definitely Team Shapeshifter, mmmhhmm. ;)

    And the book I would like to have? All of them! LOL But seriously, your choice :)

    By the way, I will be at Comic-Con Thursday thru Sunday and I will be seeing all of you that are coming! I am soooo excited!

  131. Ooh...i really cant choose any one of the mysterious, majestic, ancient, or arcane species of the supernatural world soo ill have to be...Team Supernatural Buffet all the way :)
    If i could get any of those books it would be...Undone by Rachel Caine or Bitten by Kelley Armstrong...but i guess in the end it would not matter cuz id probably drop dead in surprise if i actually DO win soo...

  132. I have to say, I am Team Magical Conmen all the way (it was a tough call)! Holly Black's White Cat was absolutely fantabulous. FANTABULOUS, I SAY. (So was Demon's Lexicon, Sarah! I heart.) Although it was a difficult decision... I was wavering between Vampire and Supernatural Buffet there for a while. (Old-fashioned vampire, y'all. The ORIGINAL supernatural creature, popular before werewolves and angels and faeries. After all, vampire YA books are my ROOTS! My roots, I tell you! They were how I was introduced to the wonderful genre that is YA fantasy, urban and otherwise.)

    Raised By Wolves, if you please? Not that I would win this. But if I did, I would want RBW, since it is pretty much the only book out of that list I have not read! And I love Jennifer Lynn Barnes. And I have wanted to buy it ever since it came out, but alas- 'tis not to be. Borders charges WAY too much for books...

    Also, may I just say: Sarah, I think I love you. I cannot wait until the 3rd Lexicon book is out, and your blog makes my day so much better when I read it, because it is so true and also has the added bonus of making me laugh. :)

  133. Right now I'm Team Werewolf for sure. I just discovered Kelley Armstrong and have been gobbling her books up.

    Since I haven't read any of the listed authors other than Kelley yet, any book would be awesome!

  134. White Cat by Holly Black, please! =D

    Uhhhhhh...I'm Team Demon atm, but I'm also Team Weres and Team Magicians.

    *is torn*

  135. Lately my book choices would be showing me off as Team Angel but I'm a total Team Supernatural Buffet at heart with a soft spot for werewolves and angels.

    In terms of the book I'd like to snag from among the awesome choices available, it would have to be Rachel Caine's Ghost Town since my library seems to have stopped at Fade Out. Sisters Red, Raised by Wolves and Shade would be my other options.

  136. I will not choose Team Supernatural Buffet, but instead I pledge allegiance to these 3 teams:

    Team Faerie - because faeries are awesome and have been since I was little.

    Team Demon - because the Demon's Lexicon/Covenant are currently my favorite books of all time. <3

    Team Magical Conpeople - because I was up until 1:30am finishing White Cat and it was AMAZING!

    I can't believe I have to wait until next year for the next book in both of these series! So what I would really like is The Demon's Talisman and Red Glove, but I would very excitedly settle and squeal for Tithe by Holly Black, as I'm now curious to read the rest of her work. :)

  137. I just finished White Cat, so right now I'm rooting for Team Magical Conmen. I've spent a very large amount of time with Teams Demon (The Demon's Lexicon and Stroud's Bartimaeus Trilogy) and Supernatural Buffet (Mortal Instruments, Darkest Powers, Harry Potter), though, so that means something.

    Since I own all my other favorites and The Demon's Talisman is not up for grabs, I'd love to read anything else by Holly Black that I should have read years ago, since I was stupid enough not to before this. My sister who complained about the Spiderwick Chronicles clearly had no taste.

  138. Oh! This is such a hard choice! I love all these teams so much. Are you sure we can't get the third Demon book? Okay, well, I'd have to say I'm either Team Supernatural Buffet or Team Magical Conmen. Of course, I want to be Team Demon too. Let's just decide that I can't decide. Since I already own most of my favorites I would love a copy of City of Bones by Cassandra Clare or White Cat by Holly Black.

  139. Just one book? How could I choose??? I'd love to get White Cat by Holly Black or The Demon's Covenant. You are all such amazing authors. Cassandra, Holly, Kelley, and you Sarah are probably my four favorites out of this wonderful group of authors. (But I love just about all of you :) )

    Hmmm... Definitely Supernatural Buffet with a side of Demon sauce on the side. :D